"Mere words cannot do justice to Kemal and Jenny Baradan"

To whom it may concern,

I write in respect of Domaine Plus Real Estate, and who I would like to pay tribute to & mere words cannot do justice to Kemal and Jenny Baradan. Just the two of them started their own Real Estate office in 2004 in small premises Memorial Liverpool. Margaret and I first met them about 2007 highly recommended by a friend of ours. As we had a granny flat to let and need a tenant. We were introduced to Jenny the office manager and we were most impressed by her friendly amicable manner. In all the tenants we had Jenny screened each possible tenant in a very meticulous way that we had very few problems and if there was it was always solved to our complete satisfaction. Jenny Baradan has a most imposing qualifications Bachelor of Education Melbourne University with Honors and Business Systems Analyst. Very impressive. Ziggy their son has a Bachelor of Business Macquarie University and Property Manager. Ziggy is a very likable amicable personality and adept in his portfolio having been groomed and nurtured by his parents but would be suitable in most ventures. He may choose to under to undertake. Kemal Baradan director licensee started working for Arnott’s Marketing Biscuits. Kemal found this mundane frustrating work. Here was a bloke with above intelligence marketing biscuits so moved on joining Starr Partners Real Estate as a trainee. Kemal has at last found his calling Real Estate was his forte. After initial training soon progressed through the ranks to become top ten sales man and is well respected by all and Sundry in Real Estate and otherwise Kemal to me is a quite un assuming blokes and his expertise in negotiating sales is beyond belief. It is little wonder he has that certificate in his office which is testimony to his ability in sales. I know this as fact he sold my property at Rossmore in one week was given 90 days & to boot a price above our expectations they are no longer that little boutique agency in Memorial ave and moved on into Macquarie st. Much larger premises and went from strength to strength employing three girls in reception all highly trained and groomed by Jenny to her satisfaction. I thought of Jenny as the family matriarch everything revolves around Jenny. She is the epicenter of the Business. I don’t want to sound demeaning to the rest of the staff as they are all reliable and proficient in all tasks at hand. Conclusion Domaine Real Estate knows that when they manage sell your property it’s your most valued asset and will endeavor to protect your interests as possible they are most aware of this at all times. My wife and I would like to all and Sundry to Jenny Kemal, Ziggy best of luck and may our friendship endure forever Donald and Margaret Neal.

- Donald & Margaret Neal - Valentine

An agent like you would be truly rare in the industry, and it is appreciated.

Dear Kemal,

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful help you have been with my property purchase.

An agent like you would be truly rare in the industry, and it is appreciated.

I know you are not expecting any payment, but i would prefer to acknowledge the extra effort you have put in to help.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

- Jennifer -

"You are just amazing!!"

Dear Kemal and Jenny,

Thanks so much for everything. I am so appreciative of all you have done and for getting us such a great result so quickly - you are just amazing!!

Enjoy your weekend,

- Jill -


Don & Margaret


Vendor - West Street


Krystle Samantha Velasquez

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